It would appear that in a world dominated

by males, that the female version will always

be subservient.

Just a hole to birth them out .

Then a hole to stick their dicks into.

Woman to my mind will always be the

superior species because even knowing

what we know we don’t off all males infants.

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Women are not a different species :-)

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“Gynoid” is a new one to me (and my spellcheck).

I wonder what the reaction would be if you said that ChatGPT “is female” or “is trained to answer as a woman” or “in the character of a woman”. I wonder if people have ever wondered if it manifests the behaviour of one or the other sex.

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Mar 15Author

If an android is a simulation of a man’s body… 😁

Does ChatGPT wear lipstick though, Charles? How can it be a woman if it doesn’t wear make-up and a dress?? 🤪

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Thanks for writing this Gia. The women in the BladeRunner sequel caught my attention, being either subservient sexbots, victims, or evil. It ruined the film for me.

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(I think your "female" iPhone is brilliant).

On this topic I recommend Sex Dolls, Robots and Woman Hating: the Case for Desistance by Caitlin Roper. Think, indeed.

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I can’t remember what I said.

I believe actions speak.

Think of the sacrifice of a mother .

She kept you in her body gave birth to you

in agony .

Even if she left you at that moment

you live because she did not discard you.

She made sure you were safe.

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